WARNING: Do Not Read This If You Are a Smoker (Unless You Want To Improve Your Quality Of Life and That Of Others, At The Same Time)

Warning - Do Not Read This If You Are a Smoker - Sjoerd Blok blog

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The first wealth is health. ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

A healthy attitude is contagious but don’t wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.― Tom Stoppard

To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.― Buddha

Smoking is nothing more than an incredibly stupid addiction, a huge waste of money and just another way to commit suicide (albeit a very slow one). Anyone who begs to differ is either a smoker themselves, financially motivated, or just plain stupid.

Unfortunately, if people have the urge to kill themselves by going down the smokers path, it usually takes them a few decades to succeed. Although the upside of this is that they have plenty of time to recant, this also means that they have plenty of time to harm others in the process.

Sure, smokers are at least good for a few things such as generating jobs and taxes. However, unfortunately, those positive sides are pretty much negligible because of the negative impact smokers have on the healthcare system, not only in terms of money, but also by affecting others and by claiming M.D.’s who could have helped others instead. Since smokers practically can’t avoid any of these negative points, and even though nowadays it’s almost impossible not to known that smoking is deadly (especially for smokers, who have to watch all kinds of warning messages and disgusting images on their cigarette packaging), yet they continue smoking anyway, I can’t help to have very little sympathy for smokers (to put it mildly).

It’s astounding how smokers manage to care so little, not only about their own health, but also that of others. I really have no idea how they do it, but for some reason, they really don’t seem to give a #@%! about poisoning themselves and others with their flammable cancer sticks (call me harsh, but that’s what cigarettes are, sticks that give you cancer).

How is that even possible? As a bystander I’m already getting upset, how can it be that they themselves seem to care so little? Heck, I would almost become jealous of the fact that they seem to have developed a skill to care so little about their health, allowing to act unhealthy, so frequently without worrying for a second.

No, no no…

Instead, I freaking hate having to stand outside in the cold and waste my precious, non-renewable time because some people so desperately need to smoke their cancer sticks.

I freaking hate having to wait during the smoke break of my friends while being on fire, throwing nothing but strikes and splits, only to lose it because you’re out of the game.

I freaking hate that it’s somehow considered normal that you have to eat an expensive dinner during your once-a-year vacation in the middle of a bunch of incredibly selfish people who force their sickening gasses up your nose (don’t even bother saying anything about it, unless you like to see frown faces or being yelled at).

I freaking hate having to breath in the disgusting toxic fumes from their personal addiction whenever I walk past schools, shopping malls, metro’s, bus stations, terraces or any building related to entertainment. Even more upsetting is that, when your visiting your mother in the hospital you’ll most likely be forced to hold your breath while stepping through the main entrance. Unfortunately, that’s not all. Ow no, as icing on the cake, the cherry on top, the crux of the biscuit, the final flourish, it even seem normal having to breath in intoxicated air when you’re binge watching Netflix on your own freaking couch because you forgot to close the vent hatch and your neighbor decided to pollute the air (preferably next to their own child).

What’s up with that anyway? How come, that the government is smart enough not to allow every citizen to make a big fire in their backyard, allowing them to throw all sorts of garbage on it, yet it’s completely fine for someone to smoke next to your door, practically in your own backyard and poison you in your own home? Well…

I have no freaking clue.

So, to all smokers out there, stop being so insanely selfish and start thinking about the consequences that your actions have on others and STOP FREAKING SMOKING!

Sure, maybe you don’t care about your neighbors, but if not for them, at least think about the environment, or your offspring. Finally, if for some unreasonable reason you can’t even manage to change your behavior for the environment or your offspring, do it for yourself. Do you really have to undergo a life-threatening experience first, in order to be able to change your standard?


If you do decide to change, not only will you improve your quality of life immensely and live a whole lot longer, you’ll also save tremendous amount of money in the process. Just imagine what you could do with all that extra cash lying around.

Ever wanted to stash a bunch of cash like Pablo in Narcos? Why not do it with the money you saved by quitting smoking?

Ever wanted to throw a bunch of money out of your cabriolet just like you see in the movies? Why not do it with the money you saved by quitting smoking?

Ever wanted to be able to finally buy that new 75” TV to watch other people throw money out of their cabriolet and don’t feel guilty about it? Why not do it with the money you saved by quitting smoking?

You get the point, right? Reasonable reasons enough if you ask me.

Now, for all the non-smoking, smoker haters like me: join the movement, get your ass up, run towards the front line and stand your ground. There’s no reason why you should have to accept a quality of life that is less than you desire just because it’s considered normal.

Upset by the dark clouds of toxic fumes surrounding your head when you’re walking past schools, shopping malls, metro’s, bus stations, terraces etc.?

Are you done having to eat your fancy dinner at a terrace covered by sickening smoke?

Are you enraged by the fact that someone is allowed to poison you with their cancer sticks in your own home?


Use those feelings to do something about it.

Let’s start by sharing my newbie article with as many (non-) smokers as possible, shall we? 🙂 Thereafter, whenever you find yourself in a situation like I described earlier, pull yourself together, dare to say something about it and get the discussion going.

As always, I hope I’ll be able to help at least one person on the planet with this post, even if it may just be in the smallest way possible.


Please feel free to comment to improve this post or to let me know what your thoughts and/or experiences are. Also, do not hesitate to share any helpful stuff. If you decide to comment, please make sure to be nice at all times. Founded criticism is OK, but any rudeness will get your stuff deleted. Also, make sure to use your personal name, don’t use any business names and don’t put your URL in the comment.

FYI: “freaking” was used seven times in this article.

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